Holiday Challenge: Maintain Not Gain

You know I am PRETTY sure I am not the only one who feels caught off guard every time December rolls around! I think it’s because I feel bewildered as to where the time went and if I can cross even one thing off my New Year’s Resolution list right about now…

On that note, I DID actually lose those extra pounds that found me at the beginning of the year and then a little more, even though I turned 4-0 this year, which is when your metabolism supposedly takes a hit… So I am feeling pretty good about that!

How about you? Did you make any health goals at the beginning of the year? If so, how close are you to meeting them? I think this is a great time to take inventory of how these are looking right about now…

Because the year is NOT quite over just yet! 

Here’s the thing – no matter where you are right at this moment with your 2018 health goals, maintaining your weight through the holidays would be a REAL WIN, don’t you think? After all this is one of the most challenging parts of the holiday season for most ALL of us!!

Which brings me to my CHALLENGE for December… I challenge you as a PS I Love Food Tribe member to Maintain Not Gain through the Holidays by following these…

 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Start your day with a protein rich breakfastlike a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana or a warm bowl of oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries or how about some scrambled eggs wrapped in a corn tortilla with spicy salsa?
  2. Make one meal every day a hearty bowl of soupthese will warm you up, give you a good dose of vegetables and keep you hydrated regardless of whether they are homemade or store bought
  3. Pack a lunchwhether you go to work or work from home my point is whatever you do, don’t wing it and don’t skip it!

Now when I say maintain this means you can go up 2-5# which means you DO have some flexibility when it comes to enjoying all the seasonal goodies… it would be utterly unreasonable to expect anything less!

So, let’s start 2019 on the right foot by leaving 2018 a little healthier than we were in 2017 what do you say?

Are you in on the Challenge? I hope so!

Hey did you grab my Post Holiday Flush Plan yet? It’s great for getting rid of the bloat after a Holiday Meal. You can grab it here in case you haven’t:

Drop that Lingering Holiday Weight Gain with These 3 Simple Steps

So I gained about 5 lb. in the last few weeks leading to the end of 2017.

Yep, all the end of year get-togethers that included lots of desserts and plates of food piled sky-high, not to mention added drinks that I usually don’t have, did me in as expected. But I’m not worried. You know why?

“Party weight gain” which I throw in the category along with “vacation weight gain” is just a normal part of really living. So repeat after me: “I will not FREAK OUT when I gain between 2-5 lb. any more.”

This is what we need to start embracing as “maintenance” (it’s too bad it’s such a blah term—hey, do you have a nicer word for it? Let me know in the comments!). Honestly, those 2-5 lb. up or down happen because we are living, breathing beings who eat and drink and have fluctuating hormones unlike, say, a table.

So how am I going to go about losing those 5 extra lbs?

I know January is already coming to an end and I still haven’t gotten around to getting back on track with my eating – just been so BUSY… I’m sure you totally get what I mean!  The good thing is this works no matter when you decide to do it! So if you’ve been putting it off too, don’t fret.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. drink plenty of water because all that salt and sugar that we consumed through the holidays causes water retention, and drinking at least 2 L of water daily is the best way to really flush that unwanted water weight out of our system.
  2. do that taste bud cleanse I talk about in Eat Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty (go back and read my step-by-step instructions on how to do this in the eBook). It’s a great way to give your tongue a fresh start to the year 🙂
  3. eat my vegetables—you know what I mean, right? I’ll be filling half my plate with ‘em. I honestly love them so this is pretty easy for me to do. How about you? Are you a veggie lover or do you cringe at the thought of eating your greens? If so, let me know and I can help you out!

I know it sounds simple and maybe even a little non-sensible, as in “how will eating vegetables help me lose weight”, but it totally does.

Here’s the thing, since our body really doesn’t like change all that much (which is what also makes losing weight so hard)  you will snap back to your previous weight pretty quickly if you follow these tips! In fact, I expect it’ll only take me a week or two 🙂

Do it with me!

OK – I’m doing it and so can you. Hop on the scale today…or maybe tomorrow morning right after you use the washroom and just before you have breakfast. Follow these 3 simple steps for a week and then tell me what the scale says at the same time next week!