I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! This year I went to 2 Thanksgiving feasts back to back. Needless to say I PIGGED OUT and pretty much felt like I had a food baby all day.

Hey have you ever stepped on the scale after a big meal like Thanksgiving and been MORTIFIED to see just how much weight you gained? Well trust me you are not alone. There’s actually a very good reason for that crazy number on the scale and you can also totally drop all of it if you follow my simple Post Holiday Meal Flush.

You see the biggest reason you feel bloated and uneasy (besides over eating of course) is SALT, yep there’s usually a lot more of it (and sugar too), in your food than you normally would have when you eat at home. It is also what causes your body to hold onto water, which is what appears to be that ridiculous amount of weight gain!

So what can you do to get rid of it?

My Recipe for a Post-Holiday Meal Flush:

  • Start the morning with a glass of lemon water
  • Have a high protein low carb breakfast
  • Hydrate throughout the day – as in get at least you 64oz in and then some.

What you’ll notice in a couple of days is, no more weight gain – YAY!

So the next time you have a big meal – like say for Christmas or New Year’s or anytime you eat out really – don’t panic follow my simple Post Holiday Meal Flush and remember that you got this!

Honestly, there are going to be many, many, many times in your life when you will eat way more than you should and choose all the “wrong” foods and that’s not actually a bad thing, nor will it destine you to weight gain doom! Why? Because the things you do every day are what matters  more than one curve ball of a day out of the ordinary. In fact research suggests that getting off track every now and again will actually rev your metabolism and keep your body on its toes – so stop feeling guilty and enjoy the holidays!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to grab your copy of my Post-Holiday Flush Meal Plan, this way you will be well prepared for the upcoming season of feasting!

Yes I want a copy!